Earlier this week, AICP posted three films that were assembled in a lighthearted way with the help of some of the most creative people in advertising in order to promote the entry period of the most recognized craft shows in the world, the AICP Show and AICP Next Awards.

Was it a true battle of Art vs. Advertising….or a celebration of the fraternity of those that make and have moved culture through artistic expression? That is for you the audience to determine-- art is and has always been in the eye of the beholder.

Like some other art pieces of our time, these films appeared and are now gone—only to be lore for those who experienced them.

Is it a sign of the times with proliferating #fakenews accounts and #revisionisthistory that communications can disappear from history as quickly as they appear? #cybercoldwar

A true reminder that AICP has the incredible privilege of its association with the greatest art institution of our time, and if you are deemed worthy by over 400 of your peers, your work may be presented there in June, and be gifted to their unequaled Department of Film archives to live for all time.